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The Supervisory Board of Mediation is mentioned within the CPMN’s statutes and its Code of Ethics and Deontology of Mediation.


[edit] Referral to the Supervisory Board of Mediation

[edit] Preamble

1.8. Any situation that would not have been envisaged by this Code must be subject to a reflection of the Supervisory Board of Mediation (see article 6.20.3.).

[edit] Faced with Arrangements against Mediation Ethics

5.5.2. In case the intervention of the mediator is a complex mission in this area, he must refer to the Supervisory Board of Mediation before any action and be accompanied by one or more mediators, all of them accredited by the Professional Chamber, in order to lead this action in compliance with the mediation ethics and this present Code.

[edit] Relations between Mediators

6.3.4. In the case that a mediator cannot pursue a mediation process, he must appeal to another mediator or, as a last resort, to the Supervisory Board of Mediation that will decide what to do regarding the matter in suspense.

[edit] Duty of Impartiality The mediator does not decide by his own initiative to stop the mediation without referring to the Supervisory Board of Mediation, which is the only one entitled to put an end to a mediation process.

[edit] Adhesion to the Process and free Consent This information must be materialized for approval by a specific document signed by the parties. This document mentions the professional third party liability insurance of the mediator, preferably the group insurance subscribed by the Professional Chamber. The document also specifies that in case of dispute regarding the intervention of the mediator, the parties undertake to appeal to the Supervisory Board of Mediation (see article 6.20.3).

[edit] Confidentiality and Confidence

6.19.7. If the mediator feels shocked because of reported "facts" or if the solution chosen by the parties is contrary to his own values or morality and therefore if the mediator feels unable to pursue the mediation, he must appeal to the Supervisory Board of Mediation which will be the only one to decide what action to take regarding the process in progress.

6.19.8. If the mediator is led to hear things whose reality could threaten life or integrity of others, especially regarding children or persons in position of weakness, he must inform the Supervisory Board of Mediation, with which, urgently and carefully and before any further decision, he will lead a meeting with the involved parties.

[edit] Dispute with a Mediator and Transparency

6.20.2. If he is called into question in his professional activity by clients or colleagues, the mediator would have to meet the Supervisory Board of Mediation within a month. In case the mediator would not be present at the meeting and therefore could not be heard within that period, according to the statutes and rules of procedure, the mediator will be considered as resigning from the Professional Chamber and be excluded.

[edit] Supervisory Board of Mediation

7.1. The Supervisory Board of Mediation is composed by the President, the Secretary General and two members of the Board of the Professional Chamber who are requested by the President. If one of the two members of the Board is involved in the mediation or personally knows one of the parties in conflict, he must retire and must be replaced by another member of the Administrative Board of the Professional Chamber.

[edit] Nature of the decisions

7.2. The decisions of the Supervisory Board of Mediation are strictly confidential.

7.3. If a decision would lead to a resignation, relational rupture or even exclusion, the members of the Board are bound by professional secrecy. They must not make any statement about it, regardless of the motive and conduct that the concerned mediator had before, during or after the decision.

[edit] Advisory Members

  • Jean-Louis Lascoux, President;
  • Christophe de Meeûs, General Secretary;
  • Richard Carcenac;
  • Laurent Metz;
  • Henri Sendros-Mila, President of the Professional Association of Mediators and Negotiators; President to the College of friends of mediation;
  • Agnès Tavel.
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