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Moving our homes or offices is not something that we do on a regular basis. Therefore, we tend to get too stressed out, or feel totally lost, when faced with such a situation. What you need to do here is get in touch with a professional moving company. They send trained professionals who have the expertise of packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking.

You could ask your friends or colleagues, if they had good or bad experiences with the company they hired. Most estate agents can also give you good references. Another place where you can take your search to is the internet. It is a storehouse of all kinds of information. You can also visit the individual sites of the companies and read the user reviews.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: If it is you first time with a commercial moving company you might have many different questions that might be popping-up in your mind right this minute. Let me try and answer some of them for you:

  • Should I move my business during the weekend? Actually it is a good idea to move your business on a Saturday as Monday to Friday being the business days you will not lose out on any business and can settle down on Sunday and be ready to resume business on Monday.
  • Would the Moving Company be setting up the technology parts in the new premises? The moving company will be handling the moving of the parts but it is best to engage an IT specialist for the setting up part.
  • Will I be required to help out in packing and loading?: Not really until and unless you want to. Most of your office staff might like to help out in packing but that is absolutely your discretion.
  • Who will arrange for the vehicle for transport?: You will have to do that however you can use their contractual companies for the same. Do ensure that there is enough space for the vehicle to come close to the premises for easy loading and unloading.
  • Will their quote be accurate?: Fairly, but you would need to factor in some changes here and there.
  • How much advance will I need to pay: This would differ from contract to contract and will be based on your pre-job understand with the company.

The best way to get over your doubts is to sit across the table with one of the moving companies and get them cleared. After all you both will have to work hand in hand during the entire relocation project and there must be complete understanding of the terms.

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