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It is important to look for security and be sure of protection for your loved ones by looking for trustworthy quality insurance. Previously, it was not uncommon for insurance providers to ask for a medical exam prior to issuing an insurance cover.

The exam was done by your doctor or even a doctor chosen by the carrier. Today, most of the best companies are giving no medical exam life insurance. Such products are tailored for people who may not be in a position to go through a medical exam. The effect of the policy includes:

Buy insurance online

Most people live an active life. So, anything that can be purchased online seems to be making life easier. The no-medical exam cover helps people who choose to purchase online to find the right products.

Quick application process

The no exam policy helps shoppers to make their applications easily and quickly. They do not have to wait to have a doctor's appointment and for the results to come.

The application can be done by telephone or over the internet within seconds. On the other hand, the regular policy could take up to 6 weeks to get implemented. This time difference is very important specifically when you need insurance to successfully get a mortgage or a large loan.


The standard policy is usually much cheaper because the insurance provider gets the chance to find out the risk they are undertaking before recommending a plan. Thus, every time a company accepts an application without a medical exam, they often use the law of averages.

On the other hand, there are lots of service providers who seek to serve the needs of insurance shoppers who are hesitant to undergo an exam. This competition has resulted in more affordable products.

All inclusive

In earlier times, insurance companies accepted applications from teenagers without requesting for an exam. However, it was very difficult for older applicants to get the same privileges.

Furthermore, it was clearly tougher for male over the age of 35 to receive insurance with no exam. The policy is an all-inclusive product that caters for the requirements of all people regardless of their age, gender and health standing.

Different options to choose

There are many policies provided to applicants as no-medical insurance. These includes: the Guaranteed Acceptance Policy, Simplified Issue Policy and Graded Benefit Policy.

The Guaranteed Acceptance Policy is bought without any exam or even medical questions being asked while the Simplified Issue Policy needs the applicant to answer several health questions on the internet form or verbally without a medical exam. The Graded Benefit Policy does not need an exam. Moreover, health questions are not asked.

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