Distinguishing Between A Designer Hat And A Fake Hat

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These days, people have discovered that hats are becoming a very important fashion item, especially the designer ones. There are hats for almost every occasion, and since there are some entrepreneurs who want to cash in on this great opportunity, the number of fake designer hats in the market has been on the rise. In order to protect consumers, here is a list of things that people ought to look out for when they are out shopping for their favourite hats:

The branding - correct name and logo

Some people do not take enough time to look at the label or the logo of their favourite designers properly, which leads them to making a mistake when making the purchase. Fake products are designed by tweaking the names or images of designer products in the smallest possible way, so as to mislead buyers who are not paying close attention to what they are buying, so that they think they are buying the real thing.

The quality of the fabric

The real designer products are made from good quality material that is both appealing to the eye and touch. Designer products will not wear down quickly or tear easily, they will not fade over time and they will always look good, that is with proper handling of course.

The price that you are asked to pay for it

Something about designer hats is that they are quite expensive when you compare them to other products in the market. Some people say that 'if the deal is too good, think twice' and there is a lot of truth in that statement, especially with regard to hats. The fake products in the market will often be cheaper than the real thing, since their production process is cheaper and their distribution is illegal.

Styles or colours that you have never seen before

Designer companies have colours that they set apart to be their product colours, and unless the company clearly advertises products of different colours from what it is used to, coming across products of different colours is a clear sign that the products are fakes.

The packaging

Finally, the designer hats will obviously come in a package that will be unique to the company. Coming across the product on a shelf without the proper packaging, or having a dealer hand it to you on the streets is a sure sign that you are buying a fake. Do your research before you buy one, it will surely save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Check our newest products!

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