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The legislation of every state has the Lemon Law listed and it is a well-known fact that it is the legislation that helps in governing selling of goods based on their condition, circumstances etc. Regular people can be easily cheated by manufacturers and retailers wherein goods of poor condition can be sold to them camouflaged as new and top condition products. The Lemon Law prevents this kind of act by protecting consumers against these faulty products. These laws do differ from state to state and can cover different vehicles such as cars, SUV's, boats and even motorbikes.

The law covers minor issues as well as major faults such as mechanical problems. Problems that can be a cause for concern such as faulty brakes, improper reverse mechanism, issues with the steering wheel etc. are considered. Whatever the issue it is vital that you first contact the dealer to see if he can solve the problem either by repair or by replacement. If this doesn't work then you can fall back on the Lemon law.

A vehicle which needs to be repaired multiple times after the initial dealership time is eligible to Lemon law protection. You need to ensure that the issue should fall within the warranty period. If you need to take advantage of the lemon law, you need to have a clear documentation of all the issues and repairs done so far. The records required are dates, repairs, issues, names of individuals who have tried repairing the issue and the advice given by the mechanics. Ample chances are to be given to the dealers to try and resolve the issue before filing a case.

As a buyer you need to clearly mention all the issues you are facing with the vehicle. You also need to keep the manufacturer informed about filing a suit against them. Informing the dealer in writing and detailing all the problems faced along with mentioning the desired action is vital. You can either ask the manufacturer to buy back the vehicle or make a similar replacement. This chance has to be allowed after which in the absence of any response you can go ahead with the proceedings of the case.

However understand that if the issue is minor and does not affect the running of the vehicle then the dealer is not obliged to any refunds or replacements. No refund can be expected if the problem has risen due to neglect from the buyer even after instructions from the manufacturer.

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