How to Easily Maintain Your Cruiser Motorcycle

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Maintenance is the most important thing you can do to assure your safety and your motorcycle's longevity. Motorcycling is fun and thrilling but also very dangerous when practiced outside the guidelines. Keep your manual and a toolbox close when inspecting your bike. Know what to check daily weekly monthly and yearly and make it a routine.

Each time you ride out your bike, make sure that you check the chains for odd movements before riding. Ensure you lubricate them properly. Check your tires and that the tire pressure is right and balanced for both tires. If necessary, add the pressure to avoid blowouts. Most blowouts result not from scrapes on the treads but from low tire pressure. Check also both the oil and coolant levels before your ride. Check the brake cables as well and make sure that the pads have proper thickness. The items to check before riding each time may seem many but once you make it a habit it will simply be a five-minute fast and easy checkup.

Ensure that you clean it regularly. This makes it easy to spot missing bolts, broken items or places that need repair. Check your brakes at the end of the week to make sure when pressed, they apply fully. The wheel should be locked when brakes are applied. Adjust well if they do not. After a good clean, lift each wheel and check if it spins smoothly without any noise. Check for dents on the rims and if there are missing or loose spokes.

Make it an annual routine to replace your spark plugs and the air filter. Remove the oil after 2000 miles to keep you engine running smoothly. If you will not have achieved 2000 miles after 2 years change the oil nevertheless. Old oil can cause your engine to knock which is costlier to fix. You need to drain the brake fluid completely, the coolant liquid and fork oil at least once every 2 years.

Cruiser motorcycles brands such as the Indian scout motorcycle may need a professional inspection at least once every year if you will not have had any mishaps. In case an accident occurs no matter how minor or you hear funny noises you cannot seem to get rid of make sure, you have the bike professionally checked at once. Routine preventive maintenance is important to keep your bike in good condition for a long time.

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