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Women's hats come in various sizes and colors and are worn for different purposes and for various reasons. There is a variety of hats in the market and women who wear them always have a sophisticated look about them. It is said that women mind who they are in public and will go an extra mile to look unique. Hats can be won as a fashion statement or as shielding from the elements. Wearing a hat also can be to made as a statement about your political affiliation or your social status. Here are a few types of women's hats.

Sun hat

They usually have big brims and you can wear them during warm weather. You can choose from a variety of colors depending on the color of your dress too. They are a must during summer events and add color to your outfit.

The cocktail hat

Considered an accessory for evening wear, it is an alternative for the big and large-brimmed hats. It is usually smaller and exaggerated in price. Mostly decorated with fancy colored feathers, they can also be decked with a veil as well as beads and jewellery.

The cloche

This is a hat that covers the head from the above the eyebrows to the back of the neck. It is fashioned like a bell derived from a French word cloche, meaning bell. This hat was popularised in the 1920s. It usually has ribbons fastened to them and they relay different information about the wearer. Depending on how the ribbon is fastened, then you can know if the lady is married, engage or single and ready to mingle.

Straw hat

This is made from reeds or straw. It is a brimmed hat and has been a fashion statement as well as protective gear from the elements. This hat is famous across Europe and Asia and they are in various designs. You can wear this hat for the outdoors and during the summer to compliment your outfit.


They are worn either to weddings or evening functions. They have replaced hats in modern day fashion and is worn with official clothes. They are bedecked with decorations of flowers, beads and also flowers. This hat is made of fancy colors too. You can wear it to make a fashion statement or as an accessory. Whether you are attending a wedding or a horse racing event a fascinator makes you stand out.

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