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Moving can be easier if you categorize all the items in your home. It will help you to decide what items to take and what not to. It will be a tough task to plan how to get rid of the unwanted stuffs when moving. Here is a list of some good options that will definitely help you in taking right decision.

Sell your stuff online

  • Selling unwanted stuff online can take time. So, it is important to provide online advertisements before time.
  • Do some repairs and clean the items properly so that they can look good and attractive when you sell them on the Internet.
  • Analyze the actual value of your stuffs and put a reasonable price so that your item can be sold quickly.
  • It is very important to take quality photos of your items. You should take close-up pictures and try to write an attractive ad, in order to draw the attention of the customers.
  • Plan the mode of payment and the way to ship your items.
  • Try to be honest and give prompt response to any question in a friendly tone.
  • You must know the top websites for selling unwanted stuff.

Sell your items at a moving sale

  • The best day to hold a moving sale is Saturday. You can also organize it on weekdays as well, so that people can visit you while coming back from office.
  • The best time to begin a yard sale is in the morning from 8 am, in order to get enough time for profitable deals.
  • You must contact the local authorities to confirm whether you need special permission to hold a yard sale or not.
  • Advertising is a great way for a successful moving sale.
  • Greet people with a smile and do remember to hold open sale for little children.

Give away to family and friends

You can also gift them to friends and family in order to get rid of them. It can make them happy and satisfied too.

Donate to charity

You can donate your unwanted stuffs to a charity so that the deprived people can use your items.


If the other options do not work, you can simply throw your unwanted stuffs away to recycle them. Disposal of your unwanted items in an environment-friendly method will help you to have a green move.

Thus, make your move lighter and easier by following the above mentioned ways to get rid of unwanted household items. Read more!

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