Why People Go for No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

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A life insurance cover that does not include a medical test is favorable for many people out there. They would prefer it for one reason or the other. However, before we discuss why this is the trend, you need to know what might make it possible for insurance companies to give you one such cover.

The first thing that life insurance agents will ask you is to detail your health condition. They are wise enough to know that if your health is in bad condition, it becomes a risk for them to get you on board. Therefore, they ask themselves, "Why should we sign him up?" Of course, they may be willing to sign you up for a life insurance cover, but you will have to part with a lot more in terms of premiums than the rest of the healthy folk out there. It is quite important to take care of your health.

A few insurance companies have taken into consideration the reasons they would consider giving their clients no medical exam life insurance covers. However, they are careful to ask them some of the questions that a doctor would ask you when you visit the hospital. This article shortly discusses some of the reasons people fear to go for medical tests.

1. Religious factors

There is no denying it that religion is the number one aspect in people's culture of belief. If your religion does not permit some of the procedures that need to be done while taking a medical test, then you will out rightly not incline to the tests. As this is one of the challenges insurance companies has been facing, they have come up with packages to accommodate such people, but most likely it will come with a price

2. Needle-freaks

Some people just hate the needles. This kind of phobia is common to a strong minority in most of the developed population, and since it is one of the proceedings in a medical test, these people point out the fact that they would rather not have a cover.

3. Personal health conditions

If you have a personal health condition that you are not willing to expose to the world of insurance, you would not want to take such a medical test. The insurance company typically would understand such a person, and more often than not would offer him/her a package to accommodate him.

No medical exam life insurance covers are not on the same level with other covers. You may be subjected to a slightly higher monthly premium plan than usual, but if it works for you, then it is a great plan.

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