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One of the most comfortable of undergarments for women is the camisole. However the traditional camisoles don't offer enough support and so a bra is needed underneath them and this can be when it becomes uncomfortable. Now there is a camisole with bra. So what is the cami-bra and what are the many benefits to choosing one?

What Is The Camisole with Bra?

Camisoles with bras are fast becoming not only a popular form of undergarment but also as wearing on the outside and replacing clothing on top. While many years ago showing even a bra strap might have been frowned upon, times have now changed. This has led to fashion designers jumping on the bandwagon and designing some superb looking camisoles and cami-bras that you would be quite happy to show off. But what is the cami-bra?

As its name suggests the camisole with bra is a mix of the typical camisole and the bra. This means that you can do away with having to purchase and wear a separate bra as it comes with one built in. There are many different types and styles of the garment and they can be as decorative or as plain as you want.

Who Came Up With The Idea For The Camisole with Bra?

The camisole has been in existence for many hundreds of years, worn as an undergarment, not on the outside as today. The camisole became something of a fashion statement at the time of the Renaissance when they were typically worn underneath the chemise by the French. It dates back to the Victorian Era when women worn them as a way of concealing their corsets. When women came to their senses and ditched corsets they looked towards just wearing bras and camisoles and this led the way for the cami-bra.

Many Choices and Styles of Cami-Bras

Today there are numerous different styles and choices of camisoles with bra. Typically all of them will have straps that are thin and are made from synthetic materials. However some designer ones may have lace or leather along with embellishments on them, more so if they have been designed for wearing as top garments.

In regards to styling they may extend down to around the hips or they may be cut off under the bust line or somewhere in-between. They can be used for putting on an extra layer for added warmth in the winter or in the summer you may choose to wear a fancier styled camisole with bra as the sole outer garment on top. They may also be offered as night wear or lounge wear and in this case they typically come with matching panties.

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