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Quite often, a string of questions will run in the mind of a person faced with criminal charges or one finding a criminal lawyer for someone else. "What is the cost of hiring a private lawyer?" is a common question that instantaneously rings a bell in many individuals' minds awaiting trials in law courts. Different private lawyers out there will however, give you varying quotations. In some cases, you may negotiate with lawyers willing to hear your out and arrive at a rational price. As you read the following, you will get the low-down of acquiring a criminal law attorney and factors they consider before charging you.

· Possible case complexities

There is a distinct demarcation between felony and misdemeanors. In that case, the attorneys will charge more for felonies as compared to misdemeanors. Generally, felonies involve grave crimes such as murder, treason just to name a few. They carry great and severe penalties and require many court appearances, preparation and so forth. Misdemeanors on the other hand, may not cost much as they have less severe penalties such as fines or maximum jail term of up to a year and the like.

· Attorney's field experience

Technically, lawyers with more experience in their fields and major victories in tough cases will set higher prices as compared to lawyers with less experience. As a precaution, you need to be aware of extremely low hourly rates from lawyers, as they tend to be misleading in many scenarios. A good attorney with great experience and high hourly rate is capable of tackling and resolving a case more promptly and satisfactorily compared to a novice with enticing hourly rates. Over the long run, you will realize you spent less whilst working with an experienced attorney.

· Location

In business, some products such as gasoline or diesel may cost more in a particular place but cost less in another place. Geographically, the same thing applies to attorneys. While you may find good attorneys with pocket-friendly quotes in certain places, some parts have great lawyers with steep quotes. Geographical factor has led to the non-existence of standard legal fees to curb quote issued out by attorneys or law firms.

· Hourly billing

The amount of time that a lawyer devotes to a case in a law court in favor of a defendant constitutes to the total cost of hourly billing. Defendants in this case may pay for other costs that lawyers incur in the course of the case such as printing and copying fees and the like. The major advantage of this method of payment is that when a case a short time, the defendant will spend less. On the flipside, it may be costly if the case turned out complicated.

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