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Moving out of your old house into another one is a difficult thing and in order to do it right, you’ll require a lot of perseverance especially when packing your own stuff. Once packing your house, it is very important to be organized. When you are organized you’ll save time when unpacking your belongings and you’ll know where everything from your house is.

The first thing you should do is make a list of the things that you need to store. Take note of your possessions and furniture pieces that must be relocated. The order is not important; just be sure you write everything down. You should also compose a number near each object. The number will represent the box in which that thing is packed.

You need to sue boxes for keeping your things. Needless to say, you won’t be capable to store everything in cardboard boxes, but they are very helpful for smaller objects such as books, garments and other personal things. Don’t forget to write a number on every carton!

You should also have a safety box in case you do not be capable to unpack all the things in your new house in time. Pack essential things like some food, a set of clothing, soap, toothbrush, toilet paper etc. and put this box on top of the others, for quick access.

Delicate objects should be wrapped in paper to prevent damage. Old newspapers seem to be ideal for this job. However, if you are not a newspaper reader, you can easily buy paper, which is fairly inexpensive. Bubble wrap is also best for safeguarding fragile things. Pack these items in a box which you need to mark as breakable. In this way the moving company will be extra careful with them.

Never load a box until it is too heavy. You don’t want to move into your new house with a damaged back. People usually load boxes with books. A book many not look to heavy on its own, but together with others it can be a issue. Pack your boxes light and in by doing this your entire family will be able to bring them and help you pack!

For carrying your packed house, you’ll require a truck. Of course, very few people have one, so you may need to call for a moving company like Los Angeles moving. Moving companies services are cheap. Your objects will be handled with care and whenever your possessions suffer damages, many companies will offer some money as compensation.

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