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Travelling to Afghanistan is just not your normal vacation trip where you dream of drinking cocktails from tall glasses with little straw hats in them while relaxing on a golden beach. If you are thinking of travelling to Afghanistan you clearly have a strong reason for doing so, otherwise t is not recommended as it is very dangerous.

Yet, if duty calls and you should go, there are a few important things that you should bear in mind.

Afghanistan is actually a country recovering from 30 years of war, so as you can imagine it is not a tourist paradise. Individuals still suffer from lack of basic utilities such as electricity and clean water and the government hasn’t succeeded in crushing the Taliban forces. However, if you ignore the critical political situation, Afghanistan is a beautiful country with a lot to offer.

If you're planning on travelling to Afghanistan you need a visa.

How can you get there? Essentially the most advisable ways of transport is by plane. It is actually safe and economical and in many cases it can be the only way in. The largest airport is in Kabul, the main city. If you plan on travelling by vehicle, I advise you to ultimately reconsider. The Khyber Pass is presently closed to Westerners and the best way you can pass the border is actually by bribing the guards, an action which is illegal and for which you can be sentenced to prison. Furthermore, Taliban forces keep an eye on the Pass and they might shoot or even kidnap Westerners.

Culture is essential to Afghans and you need to respect their views. Women are expected to wear the burqa and also chadori. Don't talk to women or perhaps girls and be respectful. Don't offer alcoholic beverages as gifts as the Islamic faith forbids alcohol consumption. As for souvenirs, Afghanistan is renowned for its carpets and rags which you can get at cheap prices.

However English has become more and more popular; do not expect to find many Afghans who speak it. You should learn some fundamental phrases in Pashto or Dari, both of whom are the official languages of Afghanistan.

Before leaving to Afghanistan, make sure you are protected from diseases. Speak to your doctor and find out if him or her recommends and vaccines. Also, it is very important to have life insurance and health coverage. Make certain that the life insurance policy is available in Afghanistan. Protecting your family’s financial future as well as assets must be a priority prior to leaving the country.

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