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It is not so easy to define what a mediator is not because of the goodness that seems to dominate in this activity which is sometimes initiated on a friendly request of help when all seems to have been tried in the struggle powers.

The following proposals should be properly situated in the professional context of the mediator's activity.

In other words, it would be wrong to wait from a mediator to have one of the behaviors or attitudes that would go in the sense of a proposal of the following list below. However, nothing forbids a mediator to use a strategy of aid based on the needs of his interlocutors...

[edit] A mediator is Not

  • A friend or the office of tears
  • A big brother
  • A sympathizer or a supporter
  • A spokesman or an ambassador
  • A lawyer or an advocate (though this is the term used by some Ombudsmen)
  • A therapist or a psychologist
  • An adviser
  • An arbitrator or a judge
  • A conciliator
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