The Hazards of Driving Under the Influence

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is definitely a truly serious offense that can put your life as well as others life in great danger. Drunk driving is punishable in the USA if the alcohol level in the driver’s blood exceeds 0.08%, however in some state zero tolerance laws punish any consumption of alcohol.

An average of 40% of road accidents is definitely a direct result of driving under the influence and approximately 270,000 people were injured. If statistics aren’t ample to discourage you, bear in mind that such offenses are punished by large fines, jail as well as confiscation of the driver’s license.

The largest problem with DUI related accidents is that they can be simply prevented, if the driver abstains from any alcohol consumption. Drunk drivers are a real danger for the general safety of the street traffic and some of those who die in DUI related incidents are innocent individuals.

A typical misconception is that 1 or 2 drinks do not affect your driving skills. The truth is that any amount of alcohol has a certain effect of your motor skills. In addition, different people have different levels of tolerance to alcohol. For many, two drinks may seem like simple water and for others it may be sufficient to make them dizzy or even drunk.

There are many dangers associated with drunk driving. The intoxicated drivers hand to eye coordination is broken as well as the perception of things can be blurry. Lacking motor skills, such drivers are an immense danger to themselves and for those around them. Moreover, the risk of falling asleep at the wheel is also increased due to the alcohol level. Even if you're not involved in any accident, you can be pulled over by the police and suffer the total penalty of law.

If you're in a desperate situation and also have to drive under the influence, ensure that you still have good motor skills. Don’t forget to put on your safety belt and drive slowly. Try to eat something just before getting at the wheel. High proteins foods such as meat, cheese and also peanuts slow down the absorption of alcohol in your blood. If you are caught by the law enforcement and you are over the legal limit, try to clarify the situation as clearly as possible and fully cooperate with the police. Keep your calm as well as don’t raise your voice. If you're taken to a police station, politely ask for the right to call your attorney or maybe loved ones. Keep in mind that you are not entitled to one phone call, so if you behave disrespectfully, the officers may decline you any phone calls.

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