The Most Inexpensive Yet Important Garment to Have In Your Closet

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The one garment you would find in the closet of every woman, especially working women, is the camisole. The camisole, sometimes referred to as camis in short, is basically an innerwear without sleeves, and is used to team up low cut tops, sweaters and jackets. The ones made with nylon and other stretchable materials fit you so well that they can be worn on their own.

A pair of camis can prove to be your best friend, whenever you are in a doubt about what to wear for a particular occasion. There are various types of it available in the market, based on their usage. Some are styles meant to be worn under low cut tops and sweaters. On the other hand, several others come with different styles of straps, which feature different lengths and necklines. They are also available in different colours and fabrics, so it becomes a difficult task to choose the correct one for a specific purpose.

We take a look at some of the ways in which they can be worn.

  • The ones available in shorter lengths can be used as crop tops for evening parties, while the ones which ate longer in length, can be used to be worn beneath suits where you can tuck them in.
  • Those with self prints and designs can be layered with transparent tops so that the design stands out from within the top making it look simple yet elegant.
  • Longer ones when worn with well fitting pants can prove to be a good style statement in any party, whether it is official or with friends and family.
  • Camisole straps, which are wide enough help you to hide the bra strap, can act as a supportive bra.
  • Many of them come with adjustable spaghetti straps and are very popular among women of all ages. They can be adjusted according to the structure of one's body.
  • Nowadays, they are also available with in-built cups so that you do not need to wear a bra beneath what you are wearing. Most women use them as a layering under expensive sweaters and jackets, thus avoiding frequent washing of jackets.

Camis prove to be very beneficial in the day to day life of every woman, as it solves several problems related to dressing up. One should pick them up based on the purpose they want to use it for. They are washing machine friendly and can be worn without any worries. Also they are very cheap, thus you don't have to think twice before investing. Check our collections!

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