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General Information

  • Official name: The Nebraska Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution
  • Country: USA
  • City: Lincoln
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Umbrella organization


The 1991 Dispute Resolution Act established the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR) in the Administrative Office of the Courts. ODR, with input from the ODR Advisory Council, oversees the development of dispute resolution and collaborative problem solving programs in Nebraska (USA), and works collaboratively with, Nebraska's nonprofit mediation centers, and the Douglas County Conciliation and Mediation Office. The public-private cooperative effort creates an efficient, effective and responsive system that enhances existing structures and fosters new opportunities to prevent and resolve conflict.

Nebraska's Non-profit Mediation Centers

Becoming a mediator

Training for Nebraska Mediators

The Nebraska Mediation Center Association (NMCA) is a non-profit organization with a primary focus of providing interest-based mediation training. In addition to training, NMCA promotes consensus building and the six Nebraska community mediation centers that are approved through the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR). Every county in the state of Nebraska is served by an ODR approved mediation center.

Become an Affiliated Mediator

Have you taken training and are interested in mediating cases? Contact your local Nebraska ODR-approved Mediation Center to find out how to become an affiliate.

Nebraska Mediators & the Parenting Act

All mediators mediating under the Parenting Act are governed by the Act and related statutes, as well as guided by the Nebraska Standards and Ethics for Family Mediators. In addition, mediators who wish to be eligible for appointment by Nebraska's trial court judges to mediate Parenting Act cases must be approved by the Office of Dispute Resolution as a "Parenting Act mediator". The Policy for Approval of Parenting Act Mediators describes the approval process, mediator training and educational requirements, and mediator status and grievance process.



521 S. 14th St., Suite 200. Lincoln, NE 68509 - USA

Tel: (402) 471-2766

Fax: (402) 471-3071


Official Website

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