The Numerous Advantages Of Resistance Training And Its Benefits Revealed

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People have this negative image about resistance training, weight training and strength training in general. When we hear weight training the first thing that pops in our mind are the huge muscles showcased by body builders and fitness enthusiasts we meet in the gym. However, this notion that strength training makes your muscles pop keeps us at a far distance from trying it out. This is exactly where we lose out.

Strength training has a lot of other benefits apart from the regular picture it has managed to acquire.

Role in improving bone mineral density

Age plays a very important role in weakening our bones and ultimately leading to the risk of breaking this condition is called osteoporosis. Calcium plays a very big role in the development and protection of the bones no doubt, but another factor to be considered is ability of bones to remodel and rebuild when there is external stress applied. This is where resistance training comes into the picture. This type of workout is very effective in increasing the bone density, holding the density in place and sometimes helps in reducing the deterioration.

Role in metabolism

More than 75% of population of any country is affected by obesity and type 2 diabetes. People immediately think about altering their diet but do not pay attention to knowing how sugar is used in the body. As soon as sugar enters the bloodstream, it is the job of insulin to find out if muscles require energy. When the body is inactive the muscles are dormant and so do not require a lot of energy. So the body transforms this energy that is not required into fat and stores it. On the contrary when the muscles are active they need the energy to go forward and so the sugar is converted into energy and passes into the bloodstream. Resistance training helps in improving the activity of muscles and thereby increasing the demand for sugar. The fast twitch fibers will ensure the use of sugar as fuel on following resistance training. This way the sugar is used up quickly and the muscles demand more which helps the insulin get more active and it starts performing its functions effectively.

Role in delaying loss of muscle mass

As age sets in we are prone to losing muscle mass. When this happens we lose the fast twitch fibers and retain the slow twitch fibers. This leads to reduction in metabolism leading to loss of muscle tone. The resistance workouts help lower loss of muscle mass and reduce loss of fast twitch fibers. This way you stay leaner and lower the risk of injuries due to falls.

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