The Permanent Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: The Permanent Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
  • Country: Slovenia
  • City: Ljubljana
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1850 (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Interests: Arbitration - Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Contractual Disputes

[edit] Description of the Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia acts in the interests of the business sector when decisions are to be made concerning issues related to the economic system and economic policy. It offers consulting services and provides information and business services to help increase the competitiveness of its members, thus contributing to the development of the business community.

Originally established in 1850 as the Chamber of Trade and Crafts of Carniola, the present Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a membership of 53,000. It is an associate member of Eurochambres as well as of other international organizations.

The Chamber’s diverse organizational structure includes departments that support the business sector in taking positions on various issues, provide consulting and business services for its members, and exercise important public authorizations. The Chamber’s members operate through thirteen regional chambers organized in accordance with the regional divisions of Slovenia as well as through twenty-two associations and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Slovenia.

The associations make suggestions and proposals in connection with legal regulations and trade conditions in various branches of industry and act in the interests of employers in negotiations with trade unions and the government. They also monitor circumstances regarding the solution of current problems and problems of development. Many of their tasks are linked to the issue of adapting enterprises to trade conditions in the European Union. They are cooperating in the formation of Slovenia’s pre-accession strategy and the harmonization of Slovene legislation with that of the European Union. They provide expert advice to members and support trade promotion abroad, thus fostering the internationalization of trade.

Regional chambers develop perspectives and proposals linked to issues of development in individual regions and provide assistance and advice in the restructuring of the regions’ industry. Advisory services are provided for small and medium-sized enterprises along with a range of promotional activities such as seminars, business conferences, consultations, the organization of visits of trade delegations at home and abroad, and participation in national and international exhibitions.

The activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia include:

  • Expertise in: foreign trade policies and procedures; business environment and current economic policy; global economic trends; selection of statistical data and information; identifying business opportunities and making contacts; market data and research;
  • Trade and investment promotion: through trade fair participation, organization of business delegations and business contacts; promotion of foreign direct investments; in addition issuing of trade documents such as Certificates of Origin, ATA-Carnets, licenses, and others; publications and handouts;
  • Advisory services in the field of corporate legislation, labour relations and collective agreements, international economic co-operation, convergence criteria on the road to full EU membership, technological development and environmental protection, quality assurance and control, economic policies, and the economic system;
  • Education and training: job training schemes and other forms of professional training; organization of courses and seminars; professional examinations and certification of qualification;
  • The Court of Honour promotes best practice and high principles of business ethics and professional morals.
  • The Permanent Court of Arbitration mediates and decides domestic and international disputes arising from contractual relations in cases voluntarily submitted to its jurisdiction.

[edit] Contact

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije, Dimièeva 13, SI-1504 Ljubljana – Slovenia

Tel: 386 1 589 80 00, 386 1 589 80 01

Fax: 386 1 589 81 00, 386 1 589 82 00


Official Website

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