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If you like adding a hint of humor, here is a joke that talks about mediation...

Unlike a lawyer who handles a file, a mediator directly intervenes on the conflict...

“The busy mechanic who was removing the head gasket of a Harley Davidson noticed someone who just entered his garage: a heart surgeon.

The surgeon was patiently waiting for the mechanic to come and take a look at his motorbike.

Suddenly the mechanic shouted from the bottom of the garage:

- Hey Doc, can I ask you a question?

The surgeon, a bit surprised, walked to the mechanic still busy repairing the Harley.

The mechanic stood up proudly, wiped his hands with a rag and asked:

- So Doc, look at this engine. I have opened its heart, removed its valves, repaired and fixed them back at the same places; as a result it works as if it was brand new! So why am I paid less than you while we are practically doing the same job!?

The surgeon remained silent, smiled and leaned himself to the mechanic and whisper:

- Try to do it while the engine is running...”

Is this not the same difference between working on a file and receiving directly the parties in conflict?

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