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The application scope of mediation is very wide. And precisely because mediation has the richness of a real discipline in the human resources beside of, for example, sociology, management or history that can be recognized in many areas. It is thus also possible to consider an approach of mediation (or medial) of a human situation or a work (literary or film). For example in "Mary Poppins", can she be perceived as a mediator in the family where she acts as a housekeeper?

Professional mediators, as generalists, identify several areas of application. There is in all areas of mediation (including some like in family mediation whose associations have requested and obtained a national certificate) a common identification of the fields of application:

Among the Fields of Application

  • Disputes between private parties (individuals or/and legal entities) in civil matters:
  • Consumption
  • Construction
  • Works
  • Internal relations
  • Moral harassment
  • Rupture of contract
  • Competition
  • Trademarks
  • Customer/Supplier

Mediation is generally applicable wherever there is knowledge transmission by a neutral and independent third party or wherever a contractual relationship has been established.

Pierre-Yves Monette, former lawyer, Federal Ombudsman of Belgium and Adviser at the Cabinet of S. M. le Roi Collège des Médiateurs fédéraux (College of Federal Mediators), has introduced in 2000 in Bamako a reflection on the various mediations.

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