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Thomas Lop Vip

Mediation - Accompaniment Development Resolution
Administrator of WikiMediation
Member of Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation
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(en) traductor "And you will become a mediator and perhaps philosopher" 2010
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Thomas LOP VIP holds the Certificate of professional mediator and is a member of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation.


  • 2007: Certificate of Professional Mediation (Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation)
  • 2004: Local Development Master


Since 2009: Director of “Médiation – Accompagnement Développement Résolution” (France) (link)

  • Conflict Resolution through Mediation: Territory, Community, Judicial, Business, Family (…) Disputes
  • Development of strategies and evolutions
  • Development of partnerships and networks
  • Formation on conflict prevention and relational quality
  • Development of the English version of Wikimediation

2007-2009: Project Manager (Asia)

  • Social Immersion & Integration in a squatter area of Manila: Proximity, Dialogue & Family Mediations
  • Relocation of 600 victims of natural calamities in the Philippines: Fundraising & Management
  • Short-term Humanitarian Projects: South Korea, Japan, Thailand. Discovery of: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Taiwan

2004/2007: Project Manager (France)

  • Facilitation of Public Debates
  • Territorial Diagnosis
  • Expertise on Projects for Sustainable Development
  • Rehabilitation of Ecological areas for the Protection of Endangered Species
  • Organization of events for Local Development
  • Local, National and European Fundraising



Website (Available in French, English version in progress)

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