Tips on how to Handle oneself throughout a Hurricane

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Hurricanes are huge storms with powerful winds and much of precipitations. They can cause a lot of harm to properties and people. Fortunately, unlike tornadoes, hurricanes can be monitored and meteorologist can warn people of their approach. This is actually a great advantage, as you’ll have enough time to get ready for such a disaster.

As you hear the warning, don’t panic! Keep your head clear and decide exactly where the safest place where you could take shelter is. If you live in a sturdy house you can find sufficient coverage in your own home, so you don’t have to move. However if you do not trust the roof under your head, find the nearest shelter which can be a school, a hospital or any other resistant buildings.

The best place in your house which you could take cover is a room where there are no windows as the can be shattered during the storm and you can get hurt. It is important to grab some pillows or even a mattress for protection against flying debris. Furthermore, it is a good idea to put fragile or light objects in a drawer or maybe in boxes. Not only that they can break during the storm, but they can harm you too!

Ensure you turn off your electricity. Foods can result from hurricanes and it is really dangerous if water gets into your electrical installation!

Be sure you have some essential objects with you during the storm! A flashlight is extremely important because it will allow you to see if your power gets cut off. Food supplies are also essential. Be sure to foil your food! This will prevent water from getting in. Wear high leather boots and dress accordingly. A radio is also very good as it will help you to keep in touch with the outside world and you’ll be able to receive reports regarding the weather. Be sure to have a cell phone with a full battery close in case you’ll need to call for help.

Do not go outside if the weather suddenly calms down! You are in the eye of the hurricane and it is the most dangerous to be outside. Keep inside until the weather report says it’s ok to come out.

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