Understanding The Number of Repair Attempts Allowed Under The Lemon Law

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It is important to understand the reasonable number of repair attempts allowed before the vehicle is considered a Lemon. By understanding this, one can easily decipher the maximum benefits a Lemon law can provide.

To the common man this phrase 'the reasonable number of repair attempts' means the number of times he allows the manufacturer to try repair the car before he has had enough and decides to go to court. However, this is not entirely correct when it comes to the prevailing lemon laws. There are specific rules as to how many repair attempts are reasonable before the consumer can go to court.

Based on the issues faced by the consumer and based on the trouble it has put him through the reasonable number of repair attempts does vary according to the law. According to the law the number of repairs that are allowed has to happen within the first 18 months of vehicle delivery or sometimes within the first 18,000 miles of use. The law is stated assuming that the manufacturer has had reasonable attempts in trying to repair the vehicle for 3 counts. The first would be if the issue might cause some sort of serious injury to the driver. This should have been repaired but it still continues to recur and the consumer has informed the manufacturer about the problem. The second instance is when there is a problem which has been taken care of for a minimum of 4 times but still continues and the consumer has informed the manufacturer as per the rules of warranty. The final instance is when the vehicle is being repaired by the manufacturer and as a result has been out of service from the time of delivery. When these three conditions are satisfied it is indication that sufficient time has been provided to the manufacturer to try repairing the vehicle.

Though the lemon law has these rules for the amount of allowed attempts for repair, it is possible for the manufacturer to argue that he might need more time to get the repair done. This is exactly why you need to ensure informing the manufacturer of the issues at the onset. Maintain a file with all the documentation that proves that you have requested for repairs to the manufacturer. Also ask for a receipt to confirm the mail has been received. All these small considerations will ensure you are equipped to handle the case to turn it in your favor.

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