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The “unimaginable discussion” is a discussion that people-in-conflict cannot imagine to experience together but that a professional mediator will enable.

[edit] Presentation

By Jean-Louis Lascoux

The "unimaginable discussion" is the discussion led by a professional mediator. Involved individuals or groups in a conflict usually think that they have already tried everything to establish, maintain, facilitate or rebuild the dialogue. They think they already have already considered all possible solutions.

They have reached a point of relational saturation. Therefore the conviction that there are no possible solutions grows, and the parties use to think that the only remaining way to put an end to their conflict is through power struggles, constraints, imposed choices, judicial obligations or legal orders. Confrontation is the only recourse that they can think of.

With such dispositions, how could they imagine that there are still other means that could renew the context, possibilities and perspectives?

It is now the role of the mediator to lead, facilitate, orient, frame and enable this “unimaginable discussion”.

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