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When you appear before a court for trial, the judge may sentence you to probation, prison or a combination of both. Probation generally is given to individuals with no prior criminal records or history and charges for misdemeanors. To get the gist of probation and everything that encompasses it, here are some ideas to enlighten you.

· Breaking down probation

More often than not, probation is a court sentence that barely involves jail term. Instead of it, a person gets to access the community, however, under strict court supervision and close monitoring for a certain period.

Invariably, probation ends up coupled with suspended sentences, which is the same period with the probation. It is a court supervision conducted by an officer who spells out its standard rules and conditions. If you go against the rules and standards of the probation, the probation officer will present a warranty for probation violation to the court. The court will then place a previously suspended sentence into effect.

· Stipulations of probation

Depending on the kind of case at hand, probation varies a great deal. Supervision is an essential part of probation carried out by a particular probation office. It may be a local office of state probation, county probation department or private agency with the government's contract to administer probation services. Its rules revolve around reporting to a probation officer on a set schedule in particular, avoiding crimes, reporting any arrest to the office, paying off fines and court costs at the stipulated time.

· Charges on violations

Disregarding any rule of the probation leads to charges on the violation. When an officer is under the impression that you have gone against the rules and standards of the violations, he or she will obtain a warrant that shows where, when and how you broke the rules of probation. The warrant goes to the judge for review and on his or her approval; another warrant of arrest comes authenticating your apprehension.

· Odds of posting bail

During the probation warranty review, a judge may set conditions of release. He or she may order the holding of the accused without bail, set a bail for a particular time, let the accused free on pleading guilty (admittance on wrongdoing) among any other appropriate action he or she may deem worthy.

· Penalties of violating probation

The judge's ruling will determine the aftermath of a person accused of violating probation rules. A judge may send the person to jail for a full length of time as per the previous suspended sentence. In some cases, he or she could send an individual back in probation or put him or her in both jail and probation. Moreover, the judge has the liberty to alter the conditions for an individual's probation or the probation's length.

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