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Becoming stylish is extremely important. If you desire to grab the attention of others your clothes need that extra touch that will make you stand up from the crowd. Wearing stylish clothes will make you look good, rebellious and nonconformist.

Although stylish clothes are costly! For example a good pair of distressed jeans can cost more than 100$, which is a huge sum to pay for some jeans, nevertheless stylish they may be. It’s not worth the cost, especially when you can transform a boring pair of jeans into a pair of stylish jeans all by yourself!

Primarily, get yourself a couple of inexpensive jeans which you can get at your local used clothes shop. Right now, take a knife and quickly rub it up and down on the jean cloth. This is called the slash. It will give the impression that you’ve put on the jeans for a long period of time. Make sure to stop right after each slash and to look at your progress. When you cut to deep, you’ll develop a hole and also ruin the jeans.

One other way in which you can upgrade your jeans is simply by rubbing the knife along the seams around your pockets or zipper. Continually stop to check your progress!

If you want your jeans to obtain that rugged look, rub a brick against the fabric. This makes the jeans look stained and will destroy the jean fabric. If you can’t find a brick, a regular rock will do, but you won’t get the stained look. But, don’t despair! There is another cool thing that you can do with a regular rock. Place it under the fabric as well as rub on the fabric with a nail file until you get a little hole with fuzzy edges.

Right now let’s talk about studding your jeans. Normally, in shops, studded jeans cost a lot of money. Sure, they look cool, however it’s no use paying for them since you can stud your own jeans yourself. You can buy studs from several websites just like that sell punk rock clothes and accessories. Studs are cheap, so get a bunch! Studs look coolest places on the seams around your pockets. Notice that the stud has little spokes on one side. Place the stud with the spokes poking into the fabric. Press hard! You’ll then notice some marks. Make use of a small nail to widen the holes. Place the stud with the pokes in the holes and turn to the other side. In order to fix the studs, select a pair of pliers and also bend the spokes sideways so that they face each other. It must look something like this: ><.

Now you’ve got yourself some cool looking jeans! Good job!

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