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Bijoux Terner is actually a fashion chain that is certainly recognized globally because of their chic style. They have retail stores over 700 places worldwide. Bijoux Terner introduced the concept of simple price point technique to the entire world. It is famous for its wide variety of fashion accessories. It has a enormous experience of over 35 years in the global market. Their method of sourcing, designing, and also accessories marketing is certainly inspired from fashion trends all over the world. There is a variety of fashion accessories provided by the company. It includes scarves, pashminas, ties, handbags, travel accessories, necklaces, watches and much more. It is based in Miami, Florida.

Bijoux jewelry is actually another item offered by Bijoux chain of fashion trends. The company was originally established as a jeweler firm. It took much less time for the company to start distributing designer ornaments out of merchandise marts as well as malls. It was sold at wholesale price. It was later that the company extended to take in other styling accessories into their realm. The company experienced a consistent growth after the daughter Rosa joined her father Salomon Terner.

Bijoux jewelry includes beautiful coloured gemstones and exquisite design patterns. There are four Cs that determines whether the jewelry is fit for you or not. These four Cs are colour, cut, the clarity, and the carat. It is imperative to know about these four Cs before you purchase the bijoux jewelry.

Colour- The colour of the gemstone makes a good difference in figuring out its value. The colour of the gemstone should be vibrant, pure, fully saturated, and even. It should not be extremely light or dark.

With an array of gemstones available on the market, you are prone to get attracted to the ones you like. This is exactly what makes finding bijoux jewelry a personal affair.

Cut- The brilliance of the gemstone is certainly reflected by the cut of the stone. A beautifully cut stone exudes to the eye. It enhances the stones colour as well. The cut is altogether different from the shape of the stone. It refers to the science of cutting gemstones.

Clarity- There are actually 3 kinds of grading given to the gemstones. Type I are almost inclusion free. Type II are referred to as usually included and Type III are described as usually included. These grades are based on the distinctions as given by the GIA (Gemological Institute of Americas Coloured Stone Grading Workbook).

Carat- The unit of mass and density defines the carat. These gemstones are measured in mm (millimeters).

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