Factors to Consider before Starting a Family

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There are a series of questions which you should ask yourself and a number of conditions that you have to believe and discuss with your partner.

Are you mature enough? A mature individual isn't necessarily someone who is unexciting and extremely serious. Maturity implies taking obligation for your own actions and for any consequences that derive from them. A mature person won't chicken out if he or she does something bad, but will stay and then try to fix the difficulties. Beginning a family means taking on plenty of obligations: you'll have much less liberty, a lot more stress and a lot more responsibilities as individuals will rely on you.

Are you financially sustainable? Several couples’ wish kids but they do not have the necessary methods of providing for them. Even though love is the most important resource which a family must have, the financial side can't be neglected. Your earnings must be enough to provide another mouth and at the same time continue paying the house mortgage and providing health cover and life insurance coverage. Oh, and don't forget taxes! And keep in mind that these are just the standard expenses. Many more will soon follow. As the baby gets bigger you'll need new furniture and to give quality education. Thus before starting a family, do the math and find out if you and your partner could cover the extra expenses.

Have you discovered the right person? A childless marriage enables more freedom and it makes fewer victims in the instance of divorce. On the other hand having a child, will make things much more complicated if you suddenly choose that the person you married is not the right one. A strong family is developed on a strong relationship. Nonetheless, in many cases couples stick together because of a kid and such relationship can be more powerful than anything else, as humans have a organic instinct for protecting their children.

Professional or family life? As much as we'd like both, in many cases you can't have a successful career and provide the same love and attention to your family. At a certain point you'll have to choose. If you believe that having a child will pull you down, you are probably not ready to have one. A lot of people who desire a family feel that they will be uplifted.

All in all, having a family requires a great deal of obligation, a stable earnings and a lot of unconditioned love. It is a big step, and you shouldn't hurry in making a choice. If your partner presses you, ask for some time to think. He or She will understand!

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