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If you are a 1990s fan (I already sound like a VH1 promoter), I am sure you are familiar with the grunge movement. Seattle rock bands took the hair metal of the 80s to a completely new level, making it more expressive and powerful in a very easy way. The stunning image of KISS was substituted with the "dirty" and cool flannel of Chris Cornell as well as Kurt Cobain. Each and every young adult back then who was a follower of the metal and also rock movement wanted the Doc Martens, the flannel jacket and the ripped silver jeans. It was a statement: "We are growing hungry!" said Eddie Vedder and Cornell in Hunger Strike. In terms of fashion, the young people were growing hungry for non-conformism as well as leisure.

Bleached, ripped jeans remain a way of yelling "We don't care!" to society. I wasn't really "there" in the 90s (I was a kid so all I knew was Macarena), but I have my pair of rock jeans in the closet. Just about all retailers turned around the oldest allure of the ripped jeans and also created a modern accessory (see the skinny ones worn by models); thus, those of us who desire a pair of boyfriend/baggy pair of bleached, ripped jeans have to make our very own.

Step 1: The Bleaching

You only need liquid bleach and water. Mix a small amount of bleach with water (the bleach-water ratio should be 1:3). Apply the solution on the areas you desire to decolor (for more precision use a bleach pen) and leave it on for no more than five minutes. A good idea would be to experiment with an old pair of jeans first. As an example, black bleached jeans can turn orange - do you wear orange jeans? I would not. Anyhow, afterwards wash the jeans carefully with cold water and then machine wash them.

Step 2: The Ripping

For this purpose you need coarse sandpaper or even pumice stone, wood file, grater, a utility knife and a pair of scissors. Determine where you want the cut to be placed and how big you want it to be. Keep in mind that the rip will become wider as you wash the jeans. When using the coarse sandpaper, the pumice stone, the wood file and the grater, scrape the fabric in various ways (make sure not to WEAR the jeans while you do this!). Later on, loose the fabric using the utility knife and then cut it with the scissors.

There you have it! Alternative bleached, ripped jeans to go completely with your Nirvana t-shirt and your Alice in Chains posters. Keep in mind that your clothing ought to be an expression of who you are. Posers are certainly not really welcomed in the world of guitar riffs and incomprehensible lyrics.

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