Is It Best To Reside in a Houseboat?

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I know what you are thinking: "Great idea!" But, is it? If you love the sea as well as the freedom that it gives, you can't see something wrong with advertising your house, packing your things and also moving into a boat. On the other hand, devoting yourself to a life at sea is a vital decision which you shouldn't treat lightly. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of residing in a houseboat.


1. It is wonderful!

You live on a boat! How many people can brag about that? Your house is amazing and unique and it floats. Think how a house celebration would seem like. Think of the scenery and the cool sea breeze and of the calming waves which will make for a happy sleep.

2. It floats!

Which means mobility. There is no need to sit in one place, having to deal with neighbours you do not want. You can always transfer to a new harbor and you can take trips out in the ocean. Whenever you are sailing you get that nice feeling of freedom which is a wonderful experience.

3. You get some tax-exemption!

Since you do not reside on dry land, you do not have to pay real-estate taxes, trash collection as well as recycling bills.


1. It is costly.

Though you can buy a good houseboat as low as 10,000$, maintenance costs and renting space plus insurance, can cost you an average of 2000$ per month. Boats need a lot of care and attention. Plus, you'll also need to pay a charge for renting space within the harbor and also pay for additional services like plumped water and trash disposal. Furthermore, you will require insurance which it will not be very easy to get and it comes at high rates.

2. Crowded.

If you love open spaces, stay on land. A life at sea is among the little space. If you have a family it can be impossible to manage the space, unless you are wealthy and purchase a big boat.

3. Watch out for bad weather!

A houseboat is not very sturdy, so it can be easily damaged through strong winds and flying debris. In the instance of storm, you will not have a good night sleep and you'll have to cope with flooding. If you reside a hurricane risk zone, you may see your hose ripped apart through winds.

So, should you relocate a houseboat? Initially it may seem like a good plan, but at a second look things are very different. A life at sea demands many sacrifices. Are you willing to make them?

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