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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution (VACCR)
  • Country: USA
  • City: Norfolk
  • Type of organization: Non-profit Corporation
  • Date of creation: 2004
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Community Disputes

[edit] Description

[edit] Vision

Virginia's communities offer early, easy access to conflict resolution and are able to transform conflict situations to prevent violence and to promote strong, harmonious communities.

[edit] Mission

Forming this Association, Virginia's nonprofit community mediation centers aim to help Virginia communities increase their capacity for transforming conflict at the earliest stages into opportunities for creative resolution.

[edit] Short Term Objectives

  • Establish VACCR as a legal nonprofit entity
  • Establish a consistent and formal liaison relationships with external organizations and groups with impact the practice of community mediation
  • Promote the visibility and public identity of VACCR
  • Serve as a clearinghouse for legislative issues, contact with legislators, and education of elected officials
  • Identify and develop programs that can be a collaborative effort
  • Increase the circle of skills available within the community relating to mediation/conflict resolution

[edit] Long Term Objectives

  • Provide standardized information on the state of community mediation
  • Serve as a key contact and expert voice on mediation in Virginia
  • Build the capacity and excellence of member centers
  • Attain financial solvency for the Association
  • Foster the establishment of new community mediation centers, especially in

western Virginia and under-served areas

[edit] Goals

Overall, the Association will strive to be a model of social entrepreneurship, to capitalize and build on the specialties of Centers, and to be a moral compass on mediation driven not by economic pressures but by community needs.

[edit] Organizational Structure

VACCR is a nonprofit nonstock corporation established as a membership association. Members are drawn from nonprofit community mediation centers in Virginia. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that VACCR qualifies as an exempt 501c3 organization. The IRS determination letter was issued on June 10, 2004.

[edit] Members

Membership in VACCR is open to all nonprofit community mediation centers willing to subscribe to the VACCR membership criteria. Current members include all of the nine established community mediation centers located across Virginia.

[edit] Applications

VACCR is a Statewide Organization Member of the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) and has working relationships with the Virginia Mediation Network and the Department of Dispute Resolution Services at the Supreme Court of Virginia.

[edit] Statewide Projects

  • Mediator Peer Consultation - VACCR and the Virginia Mediation Network have teamed up to develop a pilot program of mediator peer consultation (MPC). The goal is to help mediators develop and maintain a high level of competence by incorporating self-reflection into their mediation practices. Mediator Jeannette Twomey has initiated this effort and, with others, has developed a model for peer consultation. Facilitators from across the state have been trained to conduct MPC sessions. The Department of Dispute Resolution Services at the Supreme Court of Virginia has granted up to 4 hours of CME credit for peer consultation for certified mediators.
  • VACCR Community Solutions - VACCR has been working for several years to make quality facilitation available for complex, public policy, community-wide, environmental, development and similar issues. The goal of the program is to create capacity across the state so that citizens will have ready access right in their communities for solutions to complex decisions. The project was initiated in partnership with the great folks at UVA's Institute for Environmental Negotiation and has been funded in part by grans from the Hewlett Foundation and the National Association for Community Mediation. For more information about what's been accomplished so far, check out the PowerPoint presentation created by Christine Gyovai at the IEN.
  • Some Collaborative Processes at Work:
  • In 2001 the City of Harrisonburg used a series of facilitated public meetings and decision-making processes to help the community decide how to revitalize its downtown.
  • In 2002 over 150 citizens of Fluvanna County gathered at an open Forum to identify local priorities for protecting open space.
  • The town of Front Royal is transforming the Avtex Superfund site into productive uses that will provide jobs and recreation.
  • A nursing home staff used the help of a mediation center to identify issues that kept them from having a positive work environment.
  • The Bryan Park Interchange Advisory Committee, convened by the Virginia Department of Transportation, developed consensus recommendations to deal with the increasingly congested intersection of I-95 and I-64 in Richmond.
  • Charlottesville and Albemarle County found that their court system was outgrowing its current space. An advisory committee comprised of stakeholders representing a broad range of community interests developed recommendations consistent with public interests.
  • With the help of a third party facilitator, a Culpeper County public meeting on the land application of biosolids helped reduce tension and develop new ideas.
  • VIADA Mediation Program - VACCR and it's member centers have teamed up with the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association to provide mediation for dealers and purchasers in problems that arise after the sale. The goal is to find a win-win alternative to expensive and time consuming litigation that can hurt both independent dealers and their customers. Under the plan, VIADA dealers or their customers can contact any regional mediation center near their location to request mediation at cost-effective per-case rates.

[edit] Contact

586 Virginian Drive, Norfolk, VA 23505 – USA


Official Website

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