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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Virginia Conflict Resolution Center (VCRC)
  • Country: USA
  • City: Norfolk
  • Type of organization: Non-profit Association
  • Date of creation: 1990
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Youth, Families, Individuals, Organizations, Businesses, and Communities Disputes

[edit] Description

Since 1990, the Virginia Conflict Resolution Center (VCRC) has provided quality education and services that enable youth, families, individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities to effectively resolve, reduce and prevent conflict. The Center is a non-profit, a United Way Community Partner, a member of the Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution (VACCR), and the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM).

[edit] About Mediation

Mediation is designed to solve most problems that arise between people. The process can work for:

  • Family matters- custody, visitation, divorce, older adult issues and parent-teen relationship, etc.
  • Business and Organizational issues- communication breakdowns, board conflicts, interdepartmental issues, employee disputes, customer complaints, etc.
  • Community problems- neighbor vs. neighbor conflicts, landlord/tenant issues, contract or real estate disputes, etc.
  • Youth interests- at-risk youths, peer conflicts, etc.

[edit] CMC in addition to mediation

CMC offers mediation as one of many options for Alternative Dispute Resolution. If there is a specific conflict that needs resolution you may also want to consider facilitation and arbitration. CMC also offers training in conflict resolution and mediation skills.

Training is available regularly throughout the year, and you can register online. Training can also be customized for a small or large group, and tailored to meet your specific learning objectives. In addition to working with adults in conflict resolution training and services, CMC works with youth to both help them resolve disputes (with other teens, adults, or systems) and to help them reduce conflict through conflict resolution and peer mediation training.

[edit] Program Areas

  • Peer Mediation (ages 12 to 18): This onsite 16-hour course trains young people how to mediate issues between their peers so they can become active participants in the peacemaking efforts within their environment. A peer mediation program can be established at Middle and High Schools, Community Organizations and Neighborhood Recreational sites. Our training includes onsite program implementation whenever appropriate to ensure program sustainability.
  • Peace Corner (ages 5 to 11): A Peace Corner is a space within a classroom or recreational area designed specifically for conflict resolution. This onsite 8-hour training teaches children how to use the peace corner effectively to help themselves as well as their peers resolve conflict issues in a peaceful way. A Peace Corner can be established at Elementary Schools, After-School Programs and Neighborhood Recreational sites.
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop (all ages): Our customized conflict resolution workshops deal with topics such as conflict styles, communication skills, brainstorming techniques, diversity, mentoring and parent-teen relationships. They usually last between 1 to 2 hours and can be taught independently of each other, depending on your organization’s specific needs.
  • Gang Prevention & Intervention: Unmanaged youth conflict can increase the risk of substance abuse, gang-related activity, dropout levels, and low self-esteem among youth. CMC is currently working in Virginia Beach -- holding workshops that target youth that have displayed gang-related activity. These workshops help youth realize the decisions they make, how they can mend broken family relationships, and realize actions that can help them obtain their goals. These workshops are also accompanied by family mediations, in hopes to improve family communication and repair family relationships.
  • Developing Youth Peacemakers - Staff Workshop: This onsite 3-hour course trains staff how to implement peer mediation and peace corner programs at their organization. The course includes the latest information on how to best engage and empower young people to become part of the peacemaking process in their community.
  • Conflict Resolution & Anger Management Training: CMC’s Conflict Resolution & Anger Management Training, which is held in Virginia Beach, teaches young people ages 12-18 how to develop strong conflict resolution and mediation skills. Our training is interactive and based on the specific needs of referred youth. Skills taught include: definition of conflict and violence, individual conflict styles, listening skills, I-messages, paraphrasing, dealing with anger, identifying personal needs and stress management.

[edit] Contact

586 Virginian Drive Norfolk, VA 23505 - USA

Phone: 757-480-2777


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