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Buying new or replacement contact lenses can become a expensive chore, but shopping for them Web can save you time and money. Internet retailers offer deals on most name-brand contact lenses and they'll ship directly to you. Here's the way to witness your way obviously to the finest places to buy contact lenses online.


Things You'll Want

Your contact lens prescription Contact data to your eyecare professional

1 Use one Internet search engine to identify several possibility websites wherever you can buy contact lenses Web.

2 Navigate to the initial online retailer on your list of possibilities. Search its offerings for your preferred brand of contact lens.

3 Go to the site's product information plus pricing page for your manufacturer. Double check the information to be convinced it's what you're looking to.

4 Examine the price comparison, return scheme also item availability so that you can compare this information with other websites.

5 Create a new bookmarks folder for contact lens sellers, and add this pricing page to it. This will generate it easier to examine values between several Web retailers.

6 Repeat Steps 2-5 for one or two online retailers. Refer to your bookmarks folder to examine values (including shipping costs) between the possibilities you've identified.

7 Make your choice. Enter your personal information to set up an online account. You will be asked to enter your prescription data and options to your remaining and correct eye (base curve, diameter, energy) and the amount of contact lenses you need to buy. Supply your eyecare provider's information, too. Then follow the steps to check out and total your obtain.

For the greatest deal also to save on repeat shipping charges, buy several pairs of extended-wear lenses or any large supply of disposable lenses on once. Fed law requires all contact lens retailers to verify your contact lens prescription for the suitable eyecare professional.

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