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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center
  • Country: USA
  • City: Everett
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Family, Community, Workplace Disputes

[edit] General Description of Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center

[edit] Mission

Volunteers of America Western Washington, a Christian human service organization, is dedicated to reaching, serving and empowering diverse individuals, families and communities.

[edit] Community Presence

Headquartered in Everett, Volunteers of America Western Washington currently serves eight Western Washington counties: Island, King, Kitsap, Pierce, San Juan, Skagit, Snohomish and Whatcom Counties.

[edit] Guiding Principles

As we respond to increasingly complex community needs, Volunteers of America Western Washington uses these core values to uphold integrity and social impact:

  • Community first
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Effective stewardship
  • Faith in action

[edit] Social Impact

Volunteers of America Western Washington responds to 350,000 individuals who request services each year, offering comprehensive programs and services that:

  • Build community capacity
  • Foster independence
  • Promote self-sufficiency
  • Support positive development

[edit] Professional Employees

Over 440 professional employees provide diverse expertise and experience, and truly make our broad-based social impact possible.

[edit] Dedicated Volunteers

Nearly 450 volunteers give over 98,000 service hours each year. They are an invaluable resource leveraging our ability to serve those who need us.

[edit] Program Service Areas

Volunteers of America Western Washington is one of the region’s most comprehensive human service organizations, responding to 350,000 requests for assistance each year in the following service areas:

  • Basic Needs Services
  • Community Information and Referral
  • Developmental Disability Services
  • Dispute Resolution Services
  • Emergency Mental Health Services
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Housing for Seniors and Veterans
  • Senior Companionship Services
  • Skykomish Valley Services

[edit] Dispute Resolution Center Services

[edit] Empowering solutions at home, at work, in the community

Dispute Resolution Center of Snohomish, Skagit and Island Counties has a national reputation for training conflict resolution professionals and offering conflict resolution that works. Whether a dispute is rooted at home, with friends or family, neighbors, co-workers, or otherwise, the process of mediation guides parties through a process that not only offers an alternative to courts and violence, but also allows people to be respected and heard. It gives people ownership of their own disputes and their own solutions.

Facing conflict is not often pleasant. But taking the time to resolve it - especially through the highly reputable, successful, trained mediators of Dispute Resolution Center - will empower a powerful communication process that creates lasting solutions, and (hopefully) positive life long patterns.

Resolve conflict peacefully, outside the courts! Often when conflict escalates between married couples, families, neighbors, co-workers, or simply two private citizens, communication breaks down and emotions obscure the real issues. While many turn to the courts for resolution, there are other less expensive, peaceful ways to resolve these disputes, mediation and facilitation with Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center.

[edit] Workplace Services

According to a survey of the American Management Association, managers spend at least 24 percent of their time resolving conflicts at work. These conflicts can have negative effects on employees, managers and the organization as a whole by decreasing job satisfaction and productivity and increasing absenteeism and work related injuries.

The Dispute Resolution Center offers a variety of services to both prevent conflict from occurring and handle conflict when it arises.

Preventative Services Include:

  • Consultation / Conflict System Design
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Teambuilding
  • Training

Restorative Services Include:

  • Consultation
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Conflict Coaching

[edit] Training

People come to Volunteers of America Dispute Resolution Center from all over the United States to learn how to manage conflict. Our professional training is of the highest caliber, created and developed over the last twenty years through extensive experience in the conflict management field. Our trainers demonstrate a great breadth of skill and insight and use interactive instruction to provide a variety of lecture, discussion and practice sessions for participants

The nationally-recognized gold-standard curriculum listed below covers many different course offerings through the Dispute Resolution Center. Interested parties can choose from a variety of Puget Sounds locations throughout the year. Volunteers of America Western Washington usually publishes current training dates 4-6 months in advance, and individuals and organizations are welcome to enroll in any published training at any time. Our trainers also are available to travel to off-site training locations, and do - flying all over the country to present their gold standard conflict management curriculum.

Dispute Resolution Center proposes these training sessions:

  • Basic Professional Mediation Training (40 hours)
  • Resolving Conflict in the Workplace (6 hours)
  • Family Mediation Training (24 hours)
  • The Power of Process: Facilitation for Challenging Times (35 hours)
  • Advanced Mediation Skills (6 hours)
  • School Trainings (Varies)
  • Prison Trainings
  • Professional Development and Continuing Education Credits

[edit] Contact

Mailing Address: Western Washington - PO Box 839 - Everett WA 98206-0839 - USA

Street Address: 2802 Broadway Avenue - Everett, WA 98201 - USA

Tel: 425.259.3191

Fax: 425.258.2838

Email: info@voaww.org

Official Website

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