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Wikimediation is a neologism from "wiki" and "mediation". A wiki is a managing system of websites that makes web pages free and editable by all authorized visitors. Wikis are used to publish online documentations in a collaborative mode with minimal constraints. The wiki has been invented in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, with a section for a website about computer programming that he called WikiWikiWeb. The word "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian double-word "wiki wiki", which means "fast".

The free software, Wikimedia, is the precursor in the quick conceptualization, creation and development of Wikimediation. It only took a year to collect information as the initial content of the site that is made to form editable presentations. Wikimediation can be accessed by all net surfers.

It was initially developed for mediators in formation for the obtaining of the "Certificate of Professional Mediator". The concept of the Wikimediation is based on the concept of mediation: a dynamics of sharings, exchanges, dialogues, open to controversy and differences, while preserving as main guideline the development and recognition of mediation as a specific discipline. In less than a year the project has reached an average of 2,500 daily visits and has accumulated one million visits at the end of March 2009.

Mediation is an approach that aims at helping individual reflections and decision-making, especially in conflict situations, in order to enable people to reach free agreements.

Wikimediation is a tool, developed at the initiative of Jean-Louis Lascoux with Mediators Associates ®, whose aim is to gather information about mediation and alternative dispute resolution.


Why a wiki?

Before choosing this system, Jean-Louis Lascoux experimented and used several user-friendly systems: several CMS (Content Management System), including the very friendly Xoops and the dynamic Joomla. He practised forums while he contributed on WikiPedia (French) by creating almost all the pages about mediation and alternative dispute resolution considering that in 2005 almost nothing was existing on this topic in the French version of Wikipedia). He found out that mediawiki sources code are available. With the Xoops system, he developed a portal: The Mediatoroscope with a Newsletter: The confidence that reached 2,500 subscribers.

Despite the interest for this previous system, it was necessary to develop another pedagogical tool defined on a collaborative mode, for the service of the mediators in training and in order to transmit and exchange information regarding contents of formation sessions, reflections on news or mediator postures. In the same time, was also required a fast referencing tool of official documents, laws, regulations, circulars, projects and various texts. With the development of the use of the term mediation, Wikimedia possesses all the advantages of a collaborative system: a model focussed on the content and adapted for a quick text entry, the possibility to copy-paste the raw text, a basic presentation that can still be improved aesthetically thereafter. Each user can contribute to improve the system.

Thus, the wiki format has enabled the development of a project which was initially reserved for mediators in training for the obtaining of the "Certificate of Professional Mediator". Later in 2008, following the deposit of the European project with Angela Lopes from Forum-Mediação, the Wikimediation has followed Mediatoroscope.

It is currently the first French-speaking website about mediation and modes of conflict resolution. At the end of the first quarter of 2009 it will be accessible in several European languages. Wikimediation is open on the world with a multilingual ambition and is co-financed by the European Commission for over 18 months since 2009.

A work Made by Professionals

Contributors of WikiMediation are not anonymous. If you can see numerical addresses (IP), it is often quick connections, minor corrections or simple formats made by authorized contributors. The principle is to guarantee the credibility of the source of information and for this the contributors have to be known.

The contributors are requested to provide their personal details on a virtual card and to introduce themselves. The contributors are required to have the “Certificate of Professional Mediator” to ensure the quality of WikiMediation and to provide guarantee for the users. It also guarantees the relevance of the information and the quality of the contributions.

Thank you for your interest in mediation and welcome to this project.

Quick Contact

Wiki wiki: fast, always faster...

Wikimediation Partners

This pedagogical tool, originally created for mediators who have been trained and have succeeded in obtaining the Certificate of Professional Mediator, quickly became a wider project. Internet promoting international exchanges, Wikimediation has been designed like an information platform regarding access to justice and modes of conflicts resolution.

The European Commission has selected Wikimedia among 44 projects and granted a cofunding for all measures aiming the development of this tool. Four structures have worked together to develop and strengthen this system. For France:

For Portugal:

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