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Air Nepal International is any Nepalese airline based in Kathmandu that sells weekly flights to international locations all over Southeast Asia and the Middle East. The carrier's fleet of Boeing 767 aircraft serves four other international cities from Kathmandu Airport.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


Things You'll Require

Passport Entry visa for Nepal

Produce Reservations for Travel on Air Nepal International

1 Contact Air Nepal International to reserve tickets via standard mail by P.O. Box 4243, Teenkune, Kathmandu, Nepal.

2 Call Air Nepal International factors immediately by website11 (+977) 1 449 367 website, or fax your information to website11 (+977) 1 448 5187.

3 E-mail your query to Air Nepal International by info@airnepalinternational.com. The airline does not currently have a Web site.

4 Expect relatively moderate pricing when you publication some flight on Air Nepal International.

Get to Know Air Nepal International's Flight Schedule

1 Book flights to Bangkok, Thailand, or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Air Nepal International flies out of Bangkok to Kathmandu early in the week, Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur and back during midweek and between all three cities at the end of the week. There are currently no weekend flights.

2 Employ Air Nepal International to fly to the Middle East for weekly flights from Kathmandu to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, out of Dubai to Doha, Qatar, and out of Doha back to Kathmandu.

1 Transform your money. The currency regarding Nepal, the Nepali rupee, is accessible only within Nepal. Be sure to alternate currency straight away to pay out to taxis, visas or other expenses you may attract upon arrival.

2 Obtain exclusive entry visa. Travelers may well have a visa before arrival out of an embassy or consulate. For visitors staying in Nepal with exclusive extended years, you may pay for a visa valid for 2 months upon arriving on Kathmandu.

website11 remains the dialing prefix used with telephoning abroad away from the United States. If you're calling away from another region, test which international dialing prefix to use. All country codes are within parentheses also begin with a "+" sign. Take licensed taxis while traveling in Nepal, and often negotiate the fare with the driver before entering the taxi. Transport entry visas for all of your international destinations. The U.S. Express Division has issued an official travel warning for Americans visiting Nepal mainly because of the tension between Maoist rebels and the Nepalese government.

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